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      Q. Can you explain the climbing terms for me

A. Customholds simple guide to understanding climbing terminology a full guide explaining all the shapes of holds and what us the climbers call them, from slopers to jugs to crimps all is explained  read more

Q. Have you nay info on ordering?

A. Yes click this link ordering info

Q. What is the best spacing for tnuts? and how many should I put on an 8 X 4 board.

A. We recommend about 20 holds per square meter, watch the fixings page in the future for a jug to space your t nuts out correctly

Q. What is the best wood to use for my panels?

A. We recommend that you use 18mm marine ply, or you can use a shuttering ply at half the cost. If you ask your timber merchant to look at the shuttering ply before you buy it you can see what kind of shape it is in. But you can spend an hour sanding it down

Q. Can your holds be connected to a concrete wall?

A. Yes all our holds can be fitted to a concrete wall. For this you will need expansion anchors or drop in anchors. If you are unsure how to go about this you are best of consulting your local builder for guidance

Q. What type of fixings are best for brick walls?

A. Same as above, but please make sure your bricks can withstand drilling, some of the softer sandstone bricks can shatter under drilling. And all ways drill your hole in the centre of the brick

Q. What is the best form of payment?

A. We have several forms of payment. The best and easiest is over the telephone via credit or switch card. Failing that you can send a direct payment via paypal to our email, we accept cheques, but please not there is a 3 day clearance period on all cheques which will delay your order


Since we  have started or company, we have been asked a lot of questions by you the customer. Some normal and some very very far out. We try our best to answer all your questions. And If we cant then we will find out for you. On this page you can use these questions for your own reference. and if like previous customers, you have a question then please email us at and we will answer you with in the same day

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